Zachary Ulysses "Zuzu" Puppy is one of the main characters from the book series Poppy Cat and its animated adaptation. He is a speedy, anthropomorphic black-and-white six-year-old young orphaned plush toy Dalmatian puppy boy who loves doing tricks on his skateboard and loves to laugh really loud. He is Poppy's closest best friend and he has lots of laughs and energy! He loves skateboarding and he loves to play with Poppy and her friends. In the winter, he wears a red wool scarf around his neck. His laugh is a loud, funny cackle. His catchphrase is “Woo-hoo!” He is voiced by Joanna Ruiz in the UK and in the US by Katie Leigh.

Appearance Edit

Zuzu has white fur with black spots and tall short ears, a black nose and two split mouths and wears a yellow and orange single striped helmet while riding his skateboard.


The real Zuzu

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