Oliver Daniel Owl is one of the main characters in the book series Poppy Cat and its animated adaptation. He is the oldest of the group. His laugh is a hooting giggle. He is voiced by Chris Neill in the UK version and in the US version, he is voiced by Donald King. He always protects Mo.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is an anthropomorphic seven-year-old orphaned stuffed toy Eurasian eagle owl with a plumage of orange and yellow feathers. He has yellow feet and wears a teal and purple striped wool hat with a purple pom-pom on top.


The real Owl


  • He has an ordinary name in the neutral Spanish version: Hugo. "Hugo" is to only rhyme with the word "buho" ("owl" in Spanish) and this is a semi-common Spanish name.
  • In the episode “Royal Toad,” Spanish tenor opera legend Plácido Domingo provides Owl’s big strong singing voice.
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