Ramon Larry "Mo" Mouse is one of the main characters from the book series Poppy Cat and its animated adaptation. He is a feisty, tiny and anthropomorphic young orphaned five-year-old pink plush toy mouse boy with a yellow head, pink cheeks, black freckles, pink ears and a striped tail who is Alma's best friend. He loves eating cheese sandwiches, playing games, blowing bubbles, delivering postcards, whistling, humming, singing and writing songs with Alma and is the youngest of the group. His laugh sounds like a cackle. He wears a red and green-striped tanktop and is best friends with Alma who doesn't get squished by Zuzu. In the winter, he wears a big purple and green wool hat, covering his ears. He loves to whistle and get tickled by everyone else, but he looks like Zuzu's little brother figure. His catchphrase is "Peek-a-boo!" In the mystery adventures, he wears a black moustache. He is voiced by Charlie Cameron in the UK version and Stephanie Darcy in the US version. Mo is sometimes a scaredy-cat and can get worried and scared a little, but Owl tells him it’ll be fine and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

The real Mo

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