Lara is the narrator of the series. She is an eccentric young six year old girl with an active imagination who writes stories and draws pictures of the adventures of her favorite stuffed animals: Poppy Cat, the kitten leader, and her eccentric team of friends Zuzu the Dalmatian puppy, Alma the bunny kit, Mo the mouse pup and an owl named Owl. She is voiced by Maddie Page and Alisha Holmes in the UK and in the US by Cindy Robinson, and as an adult, she is portrayed by Lily James.


  • “This could be the room of any young kid. But in fact it’s not. It’s particularly belonged to me. My name is Lara. I have a big active imagination and I have my favorite stuffed animals: Alma the bunny rabbit, Zuzu the Dalmatian puppy, Mo the mouse and an owl named Owl. But the most important stuffed animal and my best friend amongst them was a young kitten named Poppy Cat, or Poppy for short. Together she leads all my favorite stuffed animals on big extraordinary adventures in the whole world.”
  • “And here’s where our story begins...”
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