Poppy cat Wiki


Lara is the narrator of the series. She is a young six-year-old girl with an active imagination who writes stories and draws pictures of the adventures of her favorite stuffed animals: Poppy Cat, the kitten leader, and her team of friends Zuzu the Dalmatian puppy, Alma the bunny kit, Mo the mouse pup and an owl named Owl.


  • “This could be the room of any young kid. But in fact it’s not. It’s particularly belonged to me. My name is Lara. I have a big active imagination and I have my favorite stuffed animals: Alma the bunny rabbit, Zuzu the Dalmatian puppy, Mo the mouse and an owl named Owl. But the most important stuffed animal and my best friend amongst them was a young kitten named Poppy Cat, or Poppy for short. Together she leads all my favorite stuffed animals on big extraordinary adventures in the whole world.”
  • “And here’s where our story begins...”