Haley Norah White is an American child actress and singer who stars as the voice of Sally Cat in the early Richard Scarry series, Annie in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Laura in The Search For the Poppy Cat Mystery, Brittany in Barney & Friends, Princess Janie in Return to Oz, Chloe in Saving Lord Cucuface: The Madeline Movie, Amy in Zoboomafoo and Happy Summer, Poppy Cat!, Christina in Mail Myself to You, Anna in Start Me Up, Kate in United States of Tara, Nancy in Baby Sitters: The Adventures of Little Sister, Katharine and the voice of Ottie in The Pagemistress and Cowgirl Lucy in The Hyper Girls Movie: A Rock 'n' Roll Adventure! and The Hyper Girls of Spies! She is the host of the behind-the-scenes look of the Disney movie, The Adventures of PB&J Otter: The First Movie 2000.

She also takes over as the host of the second season of The Extraordinary Adventures of Poppy Cat, replacing Samantha Jackson who left to pursue her acting career and the host of Circles.